6 OCTOBER 2014
Official release of SimpleEdit

What is SimpleEdit all about?

Fast and simple
Life is too short to waste a lot of time on tedious editing flows. Editing a document should be a simple process. Use SimpleEdit and see that dream come true once and for all. Maybe I'm exagerating a bit. No, I am not.

Support for all filetypes
SimpleEdit opens all your Alfresco & Liferay documents with the program of your preference in just one click. For example a Photoshop file, CAD drawing, spreadsheet, image or video. Whether you're a designer, publisher, engineer, doctor, accountant or even an astronaut (true story), SimpleEdit… you will love it.

User friendly
Editing a document with SimpleEdit is an intuitive and straightforward process. It allows you to easily save all your documents back into Alfresco & Liferay. Did we also mention automatic versioning? Word.

All your data in one place
SimpleEdit ensures that you're always editing the latest version of your documents in Alfresco & Liferay. Stop wasting time figuring out which version on your desktop is the most recent one. Lean back and grab a coffee.

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1 MARCH 2016
SimpleEdit 2.0.7 available

Check out our newest version of SimpleEdit 2.0.7

30 OCTOBER 2015
SimpleEdit on Liferay NAS

SimpleEdit will be present at the Liferay NAS in Chicago on the 16th and 17th of November. Come visit our booth !!

SimpleEdit v 2.0 released

We proudly present SimpleEdit v2.0 , beside a new layout, there are some nice new features

10 MAY 2015
SimpleEdit for Liferay

After the success of SimpleEdit for Alfresco, ACA IT-Solutions launches SimpleEdit for Liferay.

6 OCTOBER 2014
Official release of SimpleEdit

ACA IT-Solutions launches SimpleEdit!!

Our Alfresco experts are very excited to launch SimpleEdit at the Alfresco Summit. Hopefully you enjoyed our demo and are interested in some more...